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We are a leading Investment & financial product distributor having association with more than 50+ manufacturer on board and serving to more than 3000+ families. Our experience goes back to more than 15 years+ having served to more than 3000+ lives. Click Here to start a relationship !!

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As we move towards more data and analytics based investment decision, our action towards continuous portfolio analysis becomes extremely critical. Timely decision on portfolio screening and analysis makes our portfolio wealthy and also help us in achieving our financial milestone.


Private equity (PE) and Venture capital (VC) are two major subsets of a much larger, complex part of the financial landscape known as the private markets. India is emerging a entrepreneural destination and it is important that anyone in any business capacity—from sales to operations—understands what they are and how they work. 


In financial planning and wealth creation, Loans and Insurance plays an important role in driving financial discipline and planning. We have epxerienced team who has more than 25+ years of experience in Asset and liabilities and has been assiting our investors to find the right solution that matches their financial expectation and requirement. 


AKTA Connect is the central theme to our beliefs, Values and ethics.


AT AKTA Connect, we have always believed in empowering relationship through creating Values to every lives that we touch. We are a financial services boutique that provides a broad range of financial products and services to a large and diversified client base that includes corporations, institutions and individuals. Our products and services span varied asset classes, consumer segments and geographies.. Currently we serve all services to financial requirement and we list them below:

Loans | Investment | Protection | Savings | Data Analytics | Private Equity


The 6 human in our logo resemblance our 6 businesses that constantly touch human lives and create values. Whether it is Loans, investment, protection and savings, our constant endeavour is to connect lives and create Values. Our 6 businesses are: Loans, Investment, Protection, Savings, Analytics and Private Equity.

Our logo have three colours and they are Deep Blue, Light Blue and Green. Each of these colours have significance and importance in our business. These colour signifies - trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth along with depth, expertise and stability. In our business, trust is the most important currency. We have always belive that trust and knowledge are the 2 most imortant factors that forms the foundation of our journey. Our founders and promoters are renowned for their trust, accountability and comittment towards their client We are an extremely competent team with combined experience of more than 100+ years. For us, our clients are our God, our service to them is our religion and our work place is our temple.

AKTA Connect is now present across 6 offices in India and abroad with over 2500+ delightful investors & clients. AKTA Connect also distributes, inter alia, special Assets & funds targeted towards distressed as well as early stress/ restructured assets.

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